Shop Local Small Business Directory

Shop Local Small Business Directory

Shopping Local Small Businesses can make a big difference in your Community!

Small businesses give back way more to your community

When you support a local small business, you’re also supporting your local community. Sales taxes go to the city and county the business is located in. Big box business taxes go elsewhere, and that money isn’t benefiting your community at all. That tax money is used to support public schools, parks, roads, and sidewalks, fund public service workers, and first responders. Small business adds millions of jobs to the local community. The more you shop at a local store, the more potential job opportunities you could help them provide.

Local Small businesses provide greater access to products and better customer service  

Small businesses have just as much access to vendors that big box businesses do. If a small business doesn’t have the products you want or need, ask them. They’re also usually much more receptive and willing to order them for you. Small business owners want your business. One of the biggest advantages they have over large retailers is the ability to provide more personable, hands-on, and memorable customer service.

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Small Business owners treasure the relationships they have with all of their customers. They rely on regular and new customers to help them earn a profit and also to spread the word to others about their Business.

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People now realize that shopping small can make a big difference in their local communities. When local businesses take off, they fuel an engine of economic growth and job creation that moves America forward. Small businesses drive innovation, create new jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness.

3680 Wilshire Blvd Ste P04 Los Angeles, CA, USA, 90010
All in one Locksmith
7031 Benjamin Rd j, Tampa, FL 33634, United States, Tampa, Florida 33634
Barrier Island Art
35 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Blue Lake Animal Hospital
1679 68th St SE Suite A, Caledonia, MI 49316,USA, Caledonia, Michigan 49316
Blue Lake Animal Hospital
1679 68th St SE Suite A, Caledonia, MI 49316,USA, Caledonia, Michigan 49316
Caribbean Pools Schererville
36 US-30, Schererville, IN 46375 USA, Schererville, Indiana 46375
Cash For Junk Cars Chicago - Smart Tow Inc
5719 W 106th St, Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60415, USA, Chicago, Illinois 60415
Cherokee Investment Partners LLC
310 South West Street, Suite 200 Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Ella and Ross
1920 Silicone Dr, Pickering Ontario, Canada, Haleyville, AL L1W 3V7
Just A Pinch Café (Example Listing)
1615 County Road 220, Suite 180, Fleming Island, Florida, 32003
Monarch Electric Company
241 W. 30th Street 2nd Floor New York NY, 10001
My Menu UAE 1408, Armada Bluebay Cluster P, JLT Dubai - UAE
Pro Turf Lawn & Garden Center
2682 US Hwy 70 W, Goldsboro, NC, Goldsboro, North Carolina 27530
Raven Cure
109 Carters Glen Place Franklin Tennessee, Franklin, Tennessee 37064

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Because it can be more difficult for small businesses to stay relevant. They constantly have to work on adding new products to their shelves and new benefits for their customers. This is a positive thing. It sparks healthy competition with their larger competitors. It also encourages small companies to innovate. Adding unique spins on the things they offer in order to keep customers returning. Look for Special Offers.

Special Offers

Special Offers are only visible and available to registered “Super Shoppers”. These Special Offers are made by Shop Local Shop Small Directory members to encourage shoppers to visit their Business and purchase their products and services.

The special offer can be a % off discount on a specific product or store wide. It can be a buy-one get-one type offer or a “Free with the purchase of” type offer, it is up to the business.

This Special Offer will not be visible to guest and visitors to the directory. They must be registered as a Super Shopper. Registered Super Shoppers will see the offers and can show it on their mobile device to the business for verification.

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